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The festival continues its goal to expand more and more his international activities.

9 days, 45 screening, 350 films, 11 workshops, 17 international guests, an edition dedicated to Ketaka Razafimisa.

Madagasac short film festival, 11th edition, to 15th to 23th april 2016. Submission is open.

The winner of the main Zebu d’Or Award in the short fiction category of the 10th Rencontres du Film Court will be invited to the upcoming Interfilm.

The short film competition show the dynamism of the malagasy younger generation of filmmakers. Amateurs or professionals, the most important are the talent, the creativity and the originality.

It is now 6 years that Interfilm or Berlin International Short Film Festival is one of the most involved partners

Mifa workshop Madagascar: Workshop of Malagasy animators and development projects for short animation films.

"FIFF 2014: come in, there’s a light…

For this first selection of the 9th festival, we focus on quality more than quantity. At the deadline, 39 films are viewed which 10 are documentaries, 23 fictions and 6 animations. The most of these come from Antananarivo, 2 from Tulear and 4 from Tamatave. The judge regroups the important persons of the Malagasy culture field. They made the deliberation in 2 days. At the end, 14 will be in the official competition to win the Zebus d’Or: 4 documentaries, 4 animations, 6 fictions.

For the first time, the International Animation festival of Annecy and the short film festival of Madagascar get a partnership and do an application for a Malagasy short Animation projects.

More than a partnership, it is a cinema and friendship story...

By financing the film projects, this production fund is going to promote job creation and the empowerment of the local culture.

Every year, the Short film festival association and the French institute of Madagascar make an application for the Malagasy short film competition. The festival is not only a launchpad for directors, it becomes a window pane of the Malagasy cinema.

The short film festival association, the French institute of Madagascar and the production company Rozifilm had organized from the 5th to the 3th of April 2013 the 8th Short Film Festival of Madagascar...

School sessions & young public

Courts de Récrée

This is recreation, everyone in the court!For a fe

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And 1, 2, and 3, the Dzaomalaza saga continues. Th

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A bold and entertaining mix of brilliant animated

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Loving companions, true friends, animals are sourc

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Young public Clermont-Ferrand 2015

Young public CLERMONT -FERRAND 2015

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CINE-ZAZAKELY ( from 2 years)

The cinema for toddlers is here!!This introductory

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international guests


Godfather of Life Short Film Love, Raymond Rajaonarivelo is certainly one of the directors who made the most noted as an auth

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After studying history and cinema in France, CHEICK OUMAR SISOKO returned to Mali

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TILL DIETSCHE est un cinéaste et érudit installé à Taiwan. Il est titulaire d’un doctorat e

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STEFANO KNUCHEL Self-taught, he has only three degrees: typing, tap dancer and arranger pay Big Bands.

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KEITH SHIRI Researcher at the Centre for Research and Education Arts and Media (CREAM) University of Westminster in London, h

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FRANKA SACHSE After obtaining his Masters in Art, she divides her time between her job as a teacher at the School of Art and

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