General Provisions Call for Projects Submissions Results

General Provisions

1. The object of SERASARY Fund is to stimulate and empower the new generation of filmmakers in Africa.

2. The activities of SERASARY Fund are managed by Rencontres du Film Court  association (hereinafter referred to as RFC). RFC handles the submissions (incl. publishing the information and the application materials on the website), forwards the applications to the Committee of Experts, supports the work of the Council, concludes the cofinancing agreements, examines the reports, and makes payments.

3. An Applicant is a film production company, which has prior experience in professional film production and can legally represent an African filmmaker.

Call for Projects

4. The partners of RFC and SERASARY Fund publish information via their information channels, French  Institute’s mailing lists and other information channels.

5. The Regulations are available on the website of RFC.

6. Clic here for the next call for projects

The application shall include the following documents :

1. Synopsis;

2. Screenplay or an extended treatment;

3. Schedule of production;

4. Crew list along with the CVs of key crew (creative members);

5. Distribution plan;

6. Overview and schedule of the activities implemented in Madagascar (if available);

7. Company profile, including filmography;

8. Budget and financing plan;

9. Agreements or letters of intent confirming the financing in place;

10. Any additional information that the Applicant deems necessary to include.

Announcement of the Results

1. The Council appoints the Committee of Experts of SERASARY Fund.

2. The financing decisions are made by the Council. The Council determines its own rules of procedure. The decisions are taken by open vote during the Council meetings. A simple majority vote is required to adopt the decision.

3. During evaluation process the Committee has the right to:

  3.1 invite the Applicant to pitch the project and answer questions;

  3.2 invite experts and other specialists to provide their opinion in an advisory capacity.

4. The Committee decides on the application not later than 30 work days after the submission of the whole application (incl. later amendments and supplements).

5. The Committee presents their proposal for the Council to confirm.

6. The Council makes a separate decision of approval or rejection on each application on the basis on the evaluation results.

7. The Council’s decision of approval indicates the maximum amount of financing by SERASARY Fund.

8. RFC signs a co-financing agreement with the Applicant after the fulfilment of all the established requirements.